CFI to FDA: Stop Burzynski’s Dangerous Cancer Treatments

We at the Center for Inquiry have sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration, urging them to end the disproven and dangerous research of Houston doctor Stanislaw Burzynksi. Last month, the FDA removed a partial clinical hold which they had placed upon Burzynski following the death of a 6-year old patient in 2012. From today’s press release:

“We are frankly stunned to hear that the clinical hold against Dr. Burzynski has been lifted,” writes CFI in its letter. For decades, Dr. Burzynski and the Houston-based Burzynski Research Institute have been trafficking in unproven and scientifically baseless cancer treatments based on compounds known as antineoplastons, derived from human urine, which Burzynski claims — without evidence — can target and destroy cancer cells. He has taken advantage of desperate patients who are at their most vulnerable, and willing to pay any price.

Read our full letter here.

Today’s letter is a follow-up to our April letter to the FDA.