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Do you believe that your ability to access health care services has been restricted based on religion or pseudoscience? Are you aware of any attempts to inject religious dogma or beliefs unsupported by evidence into health care debates and policies? Do you have an idea for a social and/or political action that could be taken locally to promote and defend access to health care?

Please tell us about it! We advocate in a variety of ways to protect individuals’ right to access safe and secular health care, but without reports from people like you, many important cases and opportunities for action can slip through the cracks. We need to hear from you!

Examples of violations:

  • A lawmaker or government body attempts to change or restrict available health care services – from vaccinations to end of life care – based on religion or pseudoscience.
  • A hospital that receives government funds refuses to provide legal and safe health care for religious reasons.
  • The criminal justice system offers access to only religious-based addiction recovery systems.
  • A false prophet or quack peddles unproven and ineffective treatments to patients in need.

To report an issue, please provide the following information and press “Send.” We will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping the campaign to keep health care safe and secular!

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