Grieving Father Sues Homeopath ‘Who Said His Son’s Cancer Could Be Cured With Vitamins’

The Independent reports on a heartbreaking story out of Spain that could put renewed pressure on the alternative medicine industry in Spain:

A Spanish father has launched a court case against a homeopath he accuses of telling his son his cancer could be cured with “fungi and alcohol”.

Julián Rodríguez’s son, Mario Rodríguez, died after shunning conventional medical advice to treat his leukaemia in favour of alternative remedies.

The landmark case, which Julián hopes will result in stronger regulation on homeopathic practitioners, is expected to bring renewed pressure on Spain’s burgeoning alternative remedies industry.

The Provincial Court of Valencia, which initially dismissed Julián’s case, has now accepted it on the basis that José Ramón Llorente – who is not a medical doctor – should be held accountable for his claims that he could cure cancer, on the grounds of ‘professional intrusion’.

If convicted, Mr Llorente could face two years in prison, according to La Vanguardia.

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