To keep health care safe, effective, accessible, and responsive to our needs, it has to be secular.

It has to be based on scientific principles. Not magical thinking. Not religious beliefs. Not conspiracy theories: Evidence and reality.

This is your health. This is your life.

It’s the lives of your kids, your parents, and your community.

Right now health care is beset by two plagues:

  1. The imposition of religious dogma on health care, resulting in limited access to and even the denial of medical services;
  2. The shameless marketing of sham remedies, sold as “natural” or “traditional” cures, often accompanied by the rejection of scientifically proven treatments.

We need to come together to fight for health care based on sound, scientific principles.

We need a campaign to keep health care safe and secular.

Keep Health Care Safe and Secular is harnessing the talent, intelligence, and enthusiasm of people who want to ensure that our health care is focused on effective remedies and proven outcomes. We’re educating the public, the media, and policy-makers about the threat of misinformation, dogma, and quackery. And we’ve created this website to provide you with the information you need and the actions you can take, right now, to help keep health care safe and secular.

This is your health. This is your life. This is your campaign.

A Center for Inquiry Campaign